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This will all get special attention because too many people can see plainly it's the vaccine (I believe he just got jabbed 8 days ago, the jig is up).

I think the military presence is do to medical staff's safety.
How many more deaths before people realize these hospitals are nothing more than human processing centers that are killing people for profit?

Sounds like he already has passed. And they are just trying to figure out how to handle the aftermath.

The sad truth is he probably died already, and they will get all the fibrous clots out of him before they release the body. Because there will definitely be an autopsy on a 24 year old who died suddenly.

They think people are stupid. But this body will be released to the family chopped up and bloodless.

At this point we know that there actually trying to murder people at this point. Once people realize this, mass panic will set in.

It's not normal to have a cardiac event after a routine tackle.
The million dollar question is was he really vaxxed eight or so days ago. If there is proof of that, real proof, then the whole vaccine issue blows up. If he did get vaxxed, then you all know that all resources will be used to hide that...
It probably says so on his FB page, which is now scrubbed.
He did have a twitter. He bragged about it, 7 days ago.
That's why it was scrubbed.

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