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Independent Team Confirms Cosmic Non-Expansion, Debate Grows

• arclein

Like Lerner and Scarpa, Lovyagin and colleagues compared the angular size of galaxy images (their apparent size on the sky), using multiple data bases to plot how angular size change with redshift, and thus with increasing distance (see Fig.2). While Lerner and Scarpa had compared only the brightest and therefore largest galaxies, Lovyagin and team compared all galaxies, so got a larger scatter in size. But they reached the same conclusion: the JWST images at the highest redshift continued the downward trend in angular size with distance expected in a non-expanding universe and showed no sign of the sharp upward trend towards larger apparent sizes predicted by the expanding-universe theory. Figure 2. Two ways of viewing the same conclusions: The graph on the left, from the new Lovyagin paper plots the angular diameter of ALL galaxies observed against redshift, showing the decline predicted by the non-expanding universe hypothesis. On the right, Lerner's own latest unpu