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20 Republicans Called 'Terrorists' and Threatened after Rejecting RINO Kevin McCarthy as Spe

•, by JW Williams

The 20 conservative Republicans have been called 'terrorists' and 'infidels'. RINO Congressman Mike Rogers, the CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition and others threatened the conservative Republicans with withdrawing millions in election campaign funding, facing a primary challenger in their next election, and losing their committee assignments.

Congressman Matt Gaetz is leading the 20 conservative Republicans who have voted numerous times against RINO Kevin McCarthy, blocking him from becoming Speaker of the House.

McCarthy has refused to put issues on the floor for a vote that include term limits, a balanced budget in the first quarter and a border protection plan. McCarthy failed to agree to demands from conservative Republicans that included Trust and Accountability by forcing a vote on the Speakership (the "Motion to Vacate the Chair"); Bills that are Focused, Amendable, and Readable; No Leadership Involved in Primaries; Conservative Representatives on Committees and among Chairs; and A Firm Plan to End Limitless Spending by committing to not raising the debt ceiling and producing a budget that balances within 10 years.

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