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How Do You Use Ubuntu Core on a Raspberry Pi?


Ubuntu is a popular Linux distro that offers stability, multiple flavors with graphical interfaces, and a community of enthusiasts to help support each other. If you strip away the bells and whistles from Ubuntu, what remains is Ubuntu Core.

This is an OS that even the Raspberry Pi 2 is capable of running, not to mention later models such as the Pi 3 and 4. Pairing these two household names together will provide you with an outcome that is stable, frequently maintained, and well-supported for years to come.

Let's dive into the possibilities that Ubuntu Core and Raspberry Pi are capable of together.

What Is Ubuntu Core?

Ubuntu Core is a stripped-down version of Linux with no graphical interface present. Although you're restricted to the command line only, Ubuntu Core has a familiar ecosystem using the APT software package system that many Linux users are familiar with. Optionally, you are able to take advantage of Snap and Flatpak packages to install your favorite software as well.

This command-line Linux flavor is laser-focused on IoT and embedded environments, as security and reliable updates ensure the stability demanded by industry professionals.

Requirements & Installation

The following hardware will get you started with Ubuntu Core:

Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4, 400, Zero 2 W, or Compute Module 4

4GB+ microSD card and reader

Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet cable with an Internet connection

Monitor with an HDMI interface

An HDMI cable

USB keyboard