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As The Fascist Left And Their RINO Cohorts Burn America To The Ground...

•, By D Parker

How do we defy the fascist far left in their plan to destroy the US? What are our choices, now that it's plainly obvious that the ruling class of the far left wants to burn down the country as founded?

The plans of the authoritarian left should be clear to anyone who's paying attention. The question becomes, what do we do about it? 

Anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far left want to complete the destruction of the U.S. as founded, replacing it with a national socialist state in the model of red China. Anyone paying attention should know all of this by now. Those who don't should go read some books, and learn some facts, before they project their 80-year-old lies. 

The intentions of the left are quite obvious by now. Despite the propaganda smokescreen of the nation's socialist media continually carping about a four-hour mostly peaceful protest instigated on video by Ray Epps on January 6, 2021, the evidence is right in front of you. 

We're making a distinction between the far-left ruling class and the rank and file. As is usually the case, the latter are being dragged along as political cannon fodder. Before WWII, everyone in Germany was a proponent of National Socialism. After the war, no one was. 

That should tell you something.