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GOP lawmaker introduces 'Fair Tax' legislation that would neuter IRS and greatly simplify...

• by JD Heyes

The reason, party members claimed, was so that the federal government would be better equipped to go after "wealthy tax cheats" who allegedly plot every year how to cheat the government (and the American people) out of tax money.

That's a lie, of course, and a demonstrable one, as a study published earlier this week by researchers at Syracuse University has proven; turns out the Biden regime, especially, uses the IRS as a weapon against working men and women. More on that later.

To prevent that kind of abuse, however, a Republican lawmaker from Georgia, Rep. Earl L. "Buddy" Carter, has introduced legislation that would essentially neuter the IRS and dramatically reduce the size (and power) of the agency because of a massive simplification of the tax code, which now is extremely complex and has led to the creation of an entire industry of 'tax professionals' whose job it is to sort it all out.

Carter, on Tuesday, "introduced H.R. 25, the Fair Tax Act, to replace the current tax code with a national consumption tax known as the Fair Tax," according to a press release from his office.

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This whole thing is a cover-up. Why? Where does government get money from? It borrows from the private Federal Reserve Bank. IRS taxes are simply the payment that people make on loans the government makes. The amount of IRS taxes determines the amount of money the government can borrow from the FED safely. --- If there were no FED, the US Treasury could print money on its own schedule, based on the inflation it would make. And people could simply sue government people if inflation became unbearable. There would be no need for income tax, which is currently only legal because of our inadvertent agreements with government, the banking system, and the IRS... like the Form W-4.