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Yielding to Your Time of Preparation

•, By Glynn Adams

Let me remind you there is a cosmic war going on way before we were born and it continues today.  The closer we get to the end of time, the more intense this war will get.  When you came to Christ and study your Bible, it does not take long before you see this war.  A war between God and Satan, a war between your spirit and flesh, a war with Satan and his powers of darkness,  a war in our mind with our thoughts, a war against demonic occults, and Christianity against the mystery religions!!

This war has also invaded every area in America and has turned what was faithful and productive corporations and businesses, government, public schools and universities and media into Satanic- following occults of the Luciferian world of Satan.  Even our mainline churches and their seminaries and Bible Schools have been deceived and corrupted by this Luciferian War.  If you can't see the manifestations of the demonic occults in this nation, get in the Word; it will wake you up!!!!

Would it surprise you that most people who attend church and those who pastor a church have little to no knowledge about evil and are not even aware of a war going on!!!  There is a reason God says we are to be salt and light, to resist evil, to take thoughts captive, to renew our mind, to die to our flesh, to not be ignorant of the ways and devices of Satan, to love the truth, and to be on the alert.

When you do none of the things the Word says you are to do, you are part of the Kingdom of Satan and not the Kingdom of God.  You may think you are part of the Kingdom of God but those who do the things of God are of the Kingdom of God and those who do not do the things of God default to the Kingdom of Satan whether they realize it or not.  That is the deception today.  People think they are in the Kingdom of God but their religious deeds say otherwise.  You may fool man but you can't fool God!!!!

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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Saint Paul says in one place that we died to the law. He explains in another place that the law is for law breakers. Since we have been forgiven by Jesus, we are under grace. The ideals of faith and love live in us through the Spirit. We walk in love, only using the law when we are a bit uncertain as to which direction love is leading us, or if an action is really a love action and not just a feeling.

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