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Inventing the AIDS Virus - 1996 - Foreward by Dr. Kary Mullis - Peter Duesberg - 724 Pgs.

• Odysee - Barry Dutton

-- Foreword by Kary B. Mullis - Nobel Prize Winner + Inventor of the PCR Test.

1. Losing the War on AIDS

2. The Great Bacteria Hunt

3. Virus Hunting Takes Over

4. Virologists in the War on Cancer

5. AIDS: The Virus Hunters Converge

6. A Fabricated Epidemic

7. Dissension in the Ranks

8. So What Is AIDS?

9. With Therapies Like This, Who Needs Disease?

10. Marching Off to War

11. Proving the Drug-AIDS Hypothesis, the Solution to AIDS

12. The AIDS Debate Breaks the Wall of Silence

Appendix A: Foreign-Protein-Mediated Immunodeficiency in Hemophiliacs With and Without HIV
Appendix B: AIDS Acquired by Drug Consumption and Other Noncontagious Risk Factors
Appendix C: The HIV Gap in National AIDS Statistics
Appendix D: "The Duesberg Phenomenon": Duesberg and Other Voices.

"[Duesberg] is absolutely correct in saying that no one has proven that AIDS is caused by the AIDS virus. And he is absolutely correct that the virus cultured in the laboratory may not be the cause of AIDS."
Dr. Walter Gilbert, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1980, Hippocrates

"Peter Duesberg has fought with courage and tenacity to drag a reluctant scientific community back to AIDS sanity since detecting falsehoods in the HIV story more than a decade ago. His efforts have earned him much personal abuse, but may ultimately save countless lives."
Neville Hodgkinson, former editor of The London Sunday Times

"Dr. Peter Duesberg's courage and his book Inventing the AIDS Virus will save millions of lives. He is not only one of the few people in the world qualified enough to see through the scientific 'AIDS scam,' but he is the only one who has sacrificed his career to save the world from it."
Tony Brown, host of PBS' Tony Brown's Journal

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