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Ten Inconvenient Truths about Ukraine largely ignored by the MSM

•,by Dan Fournier


NATO's expansion towards Russia's borders

The Maidan Coup & Victoria Nuland's "Fuck the EU"

Joe Biden bragging about how he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating an energy firm that had Hunter Biden on its board

Biological Weapons Production Facilities

Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov Battalion

Zelenskyy's hidden fortune

Human Rights abuses committed in Ukraine

Zelenskyy changing laws to suppress Free Speech

Suppression of the Church

Ukraine's Systemic Corruption Problem



There is no doubt, war is ugly. Atrocities are committed by all belligerents involved in conflict.

Propaganda is heightened and intensified not only by the major participants, but also by countries, governments, organisations, corporations, and individuals who aren't directly involved in the conflict. Each has their own motivations, reasons, and self-serving interests for doing so.