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Americans Abandoning Corporate Christianity and the Synagogues of Satan Called "Churches"

• by Brian Shilhavy

They invited Franklin Graham, the president of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Association, on to their show to explain why this is happening.

Graham stated that it was not enough to just identify with Christ, but one had to follow him and live for him.

I believe there is actually just a very small percent of Americans that actually live for Jesus Christ.

Are you living your life for Jesus Christ?

He then gave the late Queen Elizabeth as an example of someone who "lived for Christ."


These people at Fox News completely missed why Americans are abandoning the Christian Church.

So I put together my own investigative report to explain the real reason why many people are abandoning the Christian Church.

This is on our Bitchute channel, and will also be on our Odysee and Telegram channels.