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Intent to Harm

• Sasha Latypova Substack

Note: video presentation of this material (below). I am publishing this as a written piece since many people asked.

Totality of evidence to date points to the intentional harm by Covid-19 injections as well as all other "covid countermeasures". I am not going to spend much time demonstrating this in this article but will link extensive documented evidence sources. The shots as well as other "countermeasures" like lockdowns, suppression of effective early treatments, overuse of opioids behind the closed doors of hospitals and nursing homes, overuse of ineffective and harmful (but very profitable) remdesivir, finishing patients off on a ventilator, or simply starving them to death locked in the hospital "covid unit" are all nonsensical in the context of public health and are toxic by design. The mechanisms of injury are designed into C-19 injections. In layman terms, it simply trains your cells to attack and destroy themselves.   It is only a matter of exposure – how much of this instruction is delivered where and in what amounts in your body, that determines whether you will drop dead from a heart attack or stroke within days to months or will deteriorate in slower and more painful (but profitable!) ways from cancer, neurodegeneration, autoimmune conditions, or other forms of chronic demise. 

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