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The US government acknowledges that "5G radiation causes COVID-19"

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Incredible new peer-reviewed scientific research has revealed what many of us knew from the very beginning. Not only is 5G radiation associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, it actually encourages the body to create new viruses and diseases, including coronaviruses.

A study titled "5G Technology and Coronavirus Induction in Skin Cells" (, published on the NIH website, leads to a conclusion – shocking from a conventional scientific point of view, that 5G technology can induce the body to produce viruses as a cellular response.

5G millimeter waves (so-called because they operate at extremely high frequencies, where there are less than a millimeter between wave peaks) can cause the body to produce not just any class of viruses… but actually coronaviruses! This study reveals yet another layer of Operation Coronavirus, confirming the coronavirus-5G connection that the mainstream media was so desperate to suppress when the pandemic began.