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Biden's 'Day Of Judgement' Awaits:

•, By Kathleen Gotto

Republicans need to move at least as fast as the illicit Biden regime moved after they stole the 2020 election, and get those impeachment articles drawn up and delivered to Congress now.  This is not a tennis match with the Democrats; this is war.  They declared war on the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the American people, common decency, honesty, and truth when they steamrolled their way into Washington, D.C. under a stolen 2020 election.  We don't need payback as much as we need justice. 

Speaking of justice, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS and all the other bloated alphabet agencies need a housecleaning from top to bottom, if not a closure, including cancelling all the worthless and phony so-called climate change programs. 

Climate change, the left's cash cow, is a bunch of bull hockey being sold as a global emergency.  The leftists had tried global cooling, global warming, and then decided on climate change since the previous programs were too fraught with contrary reality.  Climate change is just a cheap vehicle to sell to the gullible public as something new and caused by all kinds of ridiculous and downright stupid assertions such as cow emissions, human expirations, and now gas stoves.  Let's see how that plays out with the ladies (and gents who do their fair share of the cooking)! 

Being a good steward of the earth that God created and set man over as caretaker is a noble undertaking.  But demented minds decided to flaunt God by interfering with the natural order of creation, and are thus creating dangerous and potentially catastrophic climate disruptions with new geoengineering tricks like solar radiation management.  Whatever unusual or pervasive climate issues we have experienced, you can be sure that the fed's geoengineering practices are to blame one way or another.

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