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Just Make it Up: Job Openings Unexpectedly Soar As Labor Department Now Guessing What...

•, by Tyler Durden

Of course, this latest confirmation that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is making up data as it goes along comes at a time when the Philly Fed showed that the Biden admin's payrolls number was overstated by over 1 million in Q2 2022, and that the number of layoffs was far higher than the DOL shows, as Goldman calculated.

So faced with a difficult choice: either come clean about the real labor numbers - now that US corporations are averaging one mass layoff announcement every 45 minutes - or just double down and keep reporting increasingly bigger lies, the Biden admin's labor department has sadly but predictably decided to do what it does best by picking option two, and as today's latest JOLTs report shows, it intends to keep digging and making the hole ever bigger.