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Dem delegates face fate (get ready for an 'I told you so')

• Detroit News Washington Bureau
But many of the members of the Democratic National Committee's Rules & Bylaws Committee say they're focused less on Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama than on a set of rules they argue are vital to maintaining fairness and order in future elect

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Actually, the Democrats have so far been enforcing their rules. The GOP completely ignored their rules and penalties. Never much came up.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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"'They're treating their rules like they're the U.S. Constitution and the Ten Commandments,' said former Gov. James Blanchard, a Clinton supporter."

So, the rule book is on the floor and everybody's pissing on it? Strange.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Hillary and Obama's fate ALL hinges on whether the FLorida and Michigan delegates will be seated. Hillary won both states. A large number of delegates. But because they both defied Democratic rules by conducting their primaries before the Iowa/New Hampshire primaries the Democratic Party rules call for their delegates being blocked from participating.

So far the Democratic Party has stuck to the rules. If they continue to do so, Obabma wins. It is that close.

If they relent and allow the delegates seated Hillary wins.

If they compromise and 50% of each state's delegates are seated then, 1) who gets to chose which of the 50% go? and 2) it becomes a Sept. tossup for the convention.

President McCain? How can the Democrats screw this up?