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Canadian Government Forces Dairy Farmer to Dump 30,000 Liters of Milk...

•, By Jim Hoft

A dairy farmer from Southern Ontario, Canada has spoken out about how the Canadian government makes farms dump thousands of liters of fresh milk because they have gone over the quota.

In a video shared on TikTok by Travis Huigen, Canadian dairy farmer Jerry Human expresses his outrage at the Canadian government and the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) for wasting hundreds of liters of fresh milk despite inflation.

"Right now, during the winter months, you milk quite a bit more milk because the feed is very consistent. And if you do a good job, you will produce quite a bit of milk. But right now, we're over our quota, and it's regulated by the government, and [implemented] by the DFO," said Human.

"Look at this milk running away. It's the end of the month [and] I dump 30,000 liters of milk and it breaks my heart. This year Canadian milk is $7 a liter."

"When I go for my haircut, people say, wow, $7 Jerry for a little bit of milk. I say, well, you have to go higher up because we have no say anymore as a dairy farmer on our own farm, because they make us dump it, and no matter how we stand up. So this time, I'm going public," Jerry continued.

One user commented, "This is a great example on how they control food supplies to the benefit of the government and corporations at the cost to the people. They do not care about you what so ever. Great example of how the government isn't for the people and is doing more harm than good. Pure evil."

A major winter storm in Ontario that began on December 23, caused highways to shut down, preventing truckers from picking up milk.

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