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Elucidating Gonzalo Lira on Race Riots in America

•, by horse237

I want to go a bit deeper. True, we can expect the usual suspects at ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter) funded by billionaires. He mentioned the recent murder of a Black motorist by 5 Black police officers in Memphis. I would add that quota cops can be just as dangerous as quota engineers, lawyers and professors.

Gonzalo sees World War III as the collapse of the American Empire. I recently wrote that Putin said Nyet to WW III when he announced the creation of an Army that the whole of NATO could not touch. He is upgrading to the S-500 air defense system. By comparison the US Patriot system is highly inferior to the Soviet S-300 of the late 1970s.

Putin will be adding 5 divisions of artillery. Russia, unlike America, never passed legislation to close 80,000 manufacturing plants so they could become a post-industrial nation. Russia will be able to fire up to 90,000 artillery shells and rockets a day. When they get their 1,000th Tornado MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) , they will be able to fire volleys of 12,000 rockets that are as accurate as HIMARS but with a 50% greater range and twice the payload. They are upgrading their naval cruise missiles to the Mach 9 Zircon. Meanwhile, the US Navy is sporting subsonic cruise missiles. Did I mention the Mach 12 Kinzhal missile which digs a 98 foot (30 meters deep) hole in the ground where its target used to be?