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Will the Government Stop Income and Medical Care for Half the Population?

•, By Andrew Wallace

The result is the same: no income or medical care for half of the population. But this effect will also drag down the whole country, resulting in the worst depression in our history! I must read extensively to remain current in my writing, and I can't find even one legitimate Economist to take issue with this prediction.

It is a recipe for disaster when fifty percent of the population is totally dependent on the government for income and medical care. Economically, this situation is exacerbated by the millions who refuse to work and produce goods or services, making inflation much worse. Unfortunately, most of these people, regardless of education, are Lenin's "Useful Idiots" and are as ignorant as a box of rocks. They will only be receptive to the truth when they are starving.

Some examples from other Economists follow:

Bob Livingston reported in his January 26, 2023, letter, "A currency collapse is progressing every day with each new dollar that is printed. The stark reality is that the public has no clue until a collapse arrives and completely destroys their assets and their lives. There are no exceptions. For paper money to work, its issue must be equal to the production of goods and services."

Charles Hugh Smith reported in Lew Rockwell on January 26, 2023. "One of the great fictions about money is that it is neutral. It isn't. It's either designed for the elites or for the citizenry. The only way a currency can be "as good as gold" is if it can be converted to gold. The US currently holds 261,500,000 ounces (8,133 tons)of gold in reserve [not verified!]. The gold reserves are not large enough at the current price. Arbitrarily set the value of gold in coins at $20,000 an ounce. Thus a coin containing 1/100th of an ounce is stamped with a value of $200. The value of a coin containing 1/1,000th of an ounce is set at $20."

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