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Expendable SpaceX Starship Could More Than Double Saturn V Payload

• by Brian Wang

 These Starships will be able to test technologies like orbital refilling and cryogenic fluid management. A SpaceX Starship without all of the systems like spare fuel and landing gear needed for reusability would be able to carry 250 tons into orbit. This would be more than double the 118 tons into orbit from the Saturn V.

A fully optimized reusable SpaceX Super Heavy Starship could take 150 tons into orbit. This would still fully reuse all of the parts.

It took almost 60 Space Shuttle launches to bring up the pieces of the 420-ton International Space Station. Two single-use SpaceX Super Heavy Starships could be left in Space and bring more mass for a larger 500-ton Space Station. It would be best to use at least three SpaceX Super Heavy Starship to orbit. This would enable a central docking component and then two rotating Starship modules. The SpaceX Starships could be just left in orbit but attached with walkways to form an almost 1230-ton space station. Each of the Starships would have about 160 tons of dry mass and 250-ton payload.