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The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth – The Great Resist Faces Off Against The Great Reset

• by Jeff Berwick

And that's what I'm talking about with Ernest Hancock from Freedom's Phoenix today. Ernie, who was at the very first Anarchapulco, and coming again this year to Anarchapulco Resist, is a longtime libertarian, the publisher of Freedom's Phoenix and host of the Declare Your Independence radio show.

What does anarchy look like? 

Think of Anarchapulco Resist as Davos-By-The-Beach… if the globalists had Chihuahuas on stage, ate tacos instead of fondue, and agreed on a basic, simple message, that:

People should not be slaves. 

Everything people do should be voluntary. 

Don't use violence (unless absolutely neccessary) 

Okay, we're the very antithesis of Davos. The yin to its yang. The resistance to its reset. 

I have been making videos with my dog Lucy for many years, upsetting the establishment by not agreeing with their coercive point of view and sharing the reasons for everyone who opened their eyes to see.  

We are not alone. There are a great many highly informed and experienced people who share our views to a greater or lesser degree. Most of them are speaking at Anarchapulco Resist this year.