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Pfizer's Business Model is Actual Fascism. "The Merger of Corporate Power and State Power&q

• By Ben Bartee

Truly, they have a wondrous capacity to invert reality.

But, for all the revisionism, fascism as a governing ideology actually means something very specific.

Progenitor of the ideology, Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, infamously defined fascism – or, alternatively, corporatism — as the "merger of corporate and state power."

Let's examine true 21st-century techno-fascism, and how it works in the real world:

The total 2022 US government budget was $6.272 trillion (25.1% of GDP).

A full quarter of the nation's economic activity is allocated to projects carried out theoretically in the public interest, funded by the public treasury.

As one might expect from the massive bureaucratic infrastructure necessary to administer this activity, these vast resources are frequently abused. On an opaque journey through a series of unseen hands, the funds are redirected into private purses with limited or no benefit to the actual public. Private interests suckling at the teat of power are the biggest beneficiaries.

The most obvious example of the fascist grift in the modern era is the mRNA COVID "vaccines."