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Field-effect antigravity flight engine


Mercury is filled in an annular chamber at the periphery of a central magnetic column, generates high-temperature high-pressure fluid or plasma flow under the pressure action provided by the annular heater and a collector, and aggregates at high speed toward the cylindrical cavity at the centre of the magnetic column along the clearance between the underside of the central magnetic column and an insulating plane. In a mercury high-speed flowing process, magnetic force line are cut to generate round current or vortex current, and when mercury arrives at the cylindrical cavity at the centre, the current is maximum; then the persistently generated round current or vortex current forms current superposition, so that a sharp increasing magnetic field is formed in the cylindrical cavity at the center and continuous electromagnetic outbreak finally occurs to release energy; and the electromagnetic energy is a magnetic field column formed by a concentric round electric field and is called as an energy column, and the energy is dynamic and can be radiated outwards to transmit force and energy. The purpose of driving artificial aircrafts can be achieved by utilizing the converted energy.