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Charities Warn "Smart" Meter Anxiety is Rising;

• by B.N. Frank

Opposition to utility "smart" meters (electric, gas, and water) has been ongoing worldwide since they started being deployed over a decade ago.  In the U.K., complaints and issues continue to be reported (see 123456789) mainly because ½ million of the poorest households were forced to accept prepayment smart meters which can make their bills unjustifiably higher, and of course, less affordable.  Fortunately, some may be able to take legal action because of this and the Minister of State for Energy and Climate announced he would be "monitoring the situation closely".  However, for the time being, the government has not fixed the problem which has left vulnerable and increasingly anxious consumers at risk for having their power instantly shut off.

From BBC News via Yahoo:

"I'm obsessed with my smart meter"

Colletta Smith – Cost of living correspondent

Karen Alexandra says the smart meter "can really prey on you".

When Karen Alexander moved into her new house she found it had an energy smart meter. She quite liked how it told her much she was spending in real time.

But as energy prices rocketed over the past year she found checking the meter was becoming an obsession.

"I realised it's the first thing I do in the morning, and when you see how much you've already spent it makes your tummy take a lurch," she told the BBC.