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Where is "White Privilege?" I Can't Find It.

• by Paul Craig Rob

February is the month we celebrate Black Heritage Month.  Try celebrating White Heritage.  It would be declared an insurrection, and instantly the FBI would be on the scene rounding up white supremacists and domestic terrorists.  White heritage has been characterized as racism, and racism is something to be ashamed of, not celebrated.  Universities and public schools have taught white students for years that they, their parents, and all forebears are racists who enslaved and oppressed black people. Some cities and states in the US have reparation committees deciding how much money people who have never owned a slave have to pay people who have never been a slave, many of whom don't even know who their parents are.

After years of indoctrination by Critical Race Theory many white Americans accept that they are the guilty descendants of slave traders.  The truth is that the black slave trade originated in black Africa in slave wars between black peoples.  Blacks enslaved blacks. The British colonists were merely customers who needed a labor force.  The blacks brought to the colonies were enslaved prior to their arrival.  

The White Slave Trade is far older, was far more extensive, and was contemporaneous with the black slave trade and lasted longer. But we don't hear arguments about white people being held back from being placed in bondage.

But as Edward Snowden says, don't try to tell truth to people brainwashed into The Matrix.