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What--No Consequences?

• By Lee Duigon

A few telling examples will suffice.

*The Afghanistan debacle—billions of dollars' worth of modern military equipment abandoned to the enemy. Biggest and most shameful episode in American military history—at least since the Great Skedaddle at Bull Run in the Civil War. Why is General Chilly Millie still chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? No consequences for him! Because he says the most serious threat to American security today is "white supremacy." Unless it's that imaginary Climbit Change they're always going on about.

I mean, gee, what does a general have to do to get fired, these days? Will he still be up there dremmeling when the Chicoms take over the White House?

*The Hunter Biden laptop scandal—which was actually about Biden family corruption… which included "the Big Guy" who is now our "president." Ten percent for him. Why, that was nothing but "Russian disinformation"! Big Tech, Big Media, the CIA and the FBI worked feverishly together to suppress this news before the 2020 election.

Has anyone been fired over this? Has anybody gone to jail? Of course not. Grin and bear it, America!

*On the orders of the Justice Dept., Merrick Garland in charge, the FBI spied on parents who attended local school board meetings to object to local school board policies. Still grinning, everybody? How many gangsters slipped through the net because the FBI was busy spying on parents who didn't like Critical Race Theory? Parents didn't want their six-year-olds indoctrinated into aberrant sex and racial feuding—that was a crime? Of course it was: the National School Boards Assn. and the teachers' unions said so.