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Is the Egg Shortage Another Conspiracy?

• by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Many assume rising inflation is to blame, but the official narrative states avian flu, affecting up to 58 million birds, is the more likely cause.2 Another theory has surfaced from chicken farmers who have linked problems with egg laying to a certain brand of chicken feed.3 It's also curious timing, as the egg shortage began amidst a series of mysterious fires and other disasters at U.S. food processors.

US Pledged to 'Increase and Disseminate Food Shortages'

It's relevant to note that in March 2022, President Biden openly stated food shortages are "going to be real."4 He also said he spoke with European allies about "how we could increase, and disseminate more rapidly, food shortages."5 Although it's now been largely scrubbed from the internet, the statement wasn't corrected by the White House. It circulated on social media, prompting Facebook to immediately flag it as fake news.

Whether the statement was the result of jumbling words or the revelation of something much more sinister is up for debate — as is the series of strange accidents at U.S. food processors that occurred in its wake. Here's just a sampling: