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'You should be terrified':

• by Amy Legate-Wolfe

As if we don't have enough to worry about. A recession looks more and more likely, lasting through most of this year. Inflation remains high, along with interest rates, and more and more Americans continue to find themselves in dire financial straits.

In a video that quickly went viral, Halbert broke down the average cost

But according to financial TikTok influencer Ryan Halbert, it's only going to get much worse. If you're making less than $25 an hour, in fact, he says "you should be terrified."

of living in America. And it certainly is terrifying. After putting together all the typical essentials, like rent, groceries, gas and water, the total average cost came to $3,285.37 per month.

Broken down to a 40-hour work week, that means you need to be making at minimum $20.50 per hour.

However, what's not included here is tax, which Halbert goes on to explain and show in a spreadsheet. Add on tax, and you'd need to make $25 an hour just to squeak into that $3,285 range, after tax comes off your paycheck.

"So this gives you very limited options," Halbert says.