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San Francisco Leaders Invite Sex & Drug Tourism

• by Michael Shellenberger

Though Supervisor Hillary Ronen's proposal is just a resolution, not a mandate, it's part of a continuing trend in the city and state of liberalization and decriminalization of prostitution. 

"I don't think this is going to happen tomorrow," Ronen told a journalist. But, she said to another, "I do feel that society's acceptance and (ability) to get away from the morality issues is growing." 

But if California and San Francisco legalize prostitution, it will likely exacerbate sex trafficking, including of minors, say experts.

 "If we do that, this gives total leeway to the traffickers to exploit minors," said Elizabeth Quiroz, who was sex trafficked in San Francisco.

"If you legalize it, you increase demand and so you have to increase supply."

Already, sex trafficking has increased two- to threefold since last June, when Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation by San Francisco State Senator Scott Wiener that removed the criminal prohibition on loitering with the intent to solicit prostitution.