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Is Washington DC Ruling For or Against Americans?

•, By Jeffery Dover

Not surprising.  After all, who believed the CIA's media when they suggested that it was Russia itself behind the attack?  That was an out and out LOL!  Russia had absolutely no motive for such an act and every reason to never consider such abject stupidity.

When one understood in advance that everything about Ukraine and US involvement there, with EU support, was about the New World Order agenda, it wasn't difficult to ferret out the lie.  It had to be the CIA who was behind the attack.  Remember…if it doesn't make sense, it's not likely to be true. The idea that Russia might have been the perpetrator made no sense.  Contrarily, that the CIA in aid of the New World Order would seek to destroy this source of revenue for Russia while claiming that it was an assault on the EU economy was very plausible.

Interestingly, it was Hersh who reported back in the late 1970's and into the '80's that US submarines – Halibut, Sea Wolf and Parche – had planted listening devices on underwater Soviet communications cables in the Seas of Okhotsk and Barents.  Forty some years later, with the Cold War long gone and technology far advanced, to take out an undersea pipeline would be comparatively simple for US forces.  A submarine-deployed ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) would plant the explosives.  Most of the crew, however, would have been in the dark as to the mission and even the area in which they were operating.

Does it make sense that the USA would commit so much money and material to Ukraine?  As an American, how does that expenditure make your life better?  Does it make sense that the US would also fund the construction and work of dozens of bioweapons labs in Ukraine?  Why couldn't such labs be constructed in the USA if our powers thought it was beneficial to the nation to have them?  Who pays for whatever it is that they produce?  What does Ukraine give the USA in return? What is our trade basis with that nation?  Why has the CIA been operating there for more than ten years, installing first one then another puppet president?