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Washington Egged on by Its Neoconservatives Has Concluded that Putin Has No Stomach for War..

• by Paul Craig Rob

Indeed, the UK media takes for granted that Ukraine will defeat Russia.  Here is the latest headline: "The West Needs a Plan for when Ukraine wins." 

Biden's recent trip was to shore up the Eastern flank of NATO in anticipation of renewed action against Russia. If the Biden regime favored a peaceful settlement, Biden would not have bothered to meet in Warsaw with the leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.  There would be no need for Biden to go to Kiev to show American support for Zelensky.  

I am often interviewed by Russian journalists–never by American ones whose task it is to protect the official narratives.  The Russian journalists are ever hopeful for signs that the US favors a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.  I was just interviewed about Biden's trip.  Did he go to Kiev to work out a peace plan with Zelensky?

How can anyone possibly think Washington favors a peace plan other than Russia's withdrawal from Donbass and Crimea and payment of reparations to Ukraine?  Washington would favor this plan because it would be likely to bring down Putin, which is Washington's intent.  

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Comment by PureTrust
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These Washington Jokers don't realize that Putin is the only thing holding Medvedev back. If Putin died tomorrow, there would be REAL war by Medvedev next week.