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Not Aliens, Demons

• By Rob Pue

Prior to calling me, she called another alternative media researcher, who told her that these things have been in US airspace for weeks; that they're "spy planes" from China and that we may well be in the midst of a nuclear war with China and/or Russia within 72 hours.

This comes as UFOs have been heavily in the news recently.  We all heard about the Chinese surveillance balloon that was shot down over the Atlantic on February 7th, after crossing the entire US — including over some major military installations. Biden stated that he waited to bring the balloon down until it reached the ocean, so debris would not harm anyone on the ground.  But military insiders have said that could have easily been done with no harm to civilians if the administration had wanted to.

On February 14, officials announced the US?has now retrieved key electronics, including sensors from the balloon, in an underwater search of the area off the South Carolina shore.  For their part, the Chinese have stated the balloon was just monitoring weather patterns.  But since when has China been concerned about the weather, pollution — or "climate change?"

Meanwhile, similar balloons have been seen traveling across countries in Latin America, including Columbia and Venezuela.  And Japan has said China has been sending surveillance balloons over that country, at least three times in the past year.

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