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What do Americans get from their government?

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

A slave is a person who doesn't own his own labor.  No one subject to an income tax owns his own labor.  A slave is a person whose labor, in part, belongs to another claimant. That is what income tax is–a claim on your labor.  Most American taxpayers pay higher taxes than medieval serfs.

Endless wars in which Americans die for secret agendas of a few and the profits of the armament companies.  Most gullible are "patriots" who wrap themselves in the flag and rush off to die for they know not what.

Lies about white people who are demonized by the Biden woke regime, public schools, universities, and the presstitute Ministry of Propaganda.

Disrespect of the US Constitution.  According to Biden Woke Democrats and Democrat judges the US Constitution is a document of white supremacy and oppression of blacks.

What do Americans get from their corporations?

Offshored production for US markets that destroys American jobs, middle class living standards, state and local government tax bases, and eventually the US dollar.

Polluted land, air, rivers, lakes, Oceans, and even small creeks.

What do Americans get from their health care system?

The destruction by Big Pharma lobbying and campaign contributions of private practice and the formation of corporate medicine.

Big Pharma treatment protocols that destroy the independence of doctors in corporate medicine and fires them if they follow the Hippocratic Oath.