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Asthma drug activates healthy fat, no cold plunges needed

• arclein

Take a look at the health influencers clicking up followers on social media these days and you'll start to notice a trend involving some variation of taking cold showers, soaking in special tubs that make the water ice-cold, or diving into freezing bodies of water. While these self-styled health gurus tout the ability of cold-water bathing to do everything from reducing anxiety to helping with depression, actual scientists have discovered something it can do: convert unhealthy white fat cells into healthy brown fat. Now, researchers have figured out how to activate this process chemically with no need to brave frigid water. The discovery could lead to better treatments for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. While body fat gets a bad rap overall, brown fat really belongs in its own category. That's because, unlike white fat ?" the stuff that accumulates on our bellies and thighs, and leads to a wide range of health conditions ?" brown fat actually helps us lose weight. It does

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