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IPFS News Link • WAR: About that War

Situation Update, Mar 2, 2023 - World War grows closer by the day...

•, Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

7:15 Interesting News

26:28 Dioxins

41:26 Interview with Scott Ritter

1:44:55 Prep With Mike

- Full interview with Scott Ritter about Ukraine, Russia, Nord Stream and NATO

- Details on Russia's nuclear missile systems and hyperglide re-entry vehicles

- Blackrock to acquire, giving them ownership over all your DNA

- Six signs your neighbor will become a LOOTER when SHTF

- Uponor (ProPex / expansion fitting) plumbing repair demonstration

- Ohio group issues list of DEMANDS from Norfold Southern train wreck catastrophe

- EPA declares it REFUSES to test for #dioxin contamination

- The EPA is waging a chemical WAR against the American people while protecting corporate profits

- Every federal agency - EPA, USDA, FDA, ATF, etc. - is actively working to destroy the people

- Prepare to survive an off-grid / grid down scenario

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