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IDIOCRACY BY DESIGN: Not a single student out of 53 Illinois high schools can do math...

•, By Cassie B

A report from the Illinois news outlet Wirepoints highlights a very concerning trend in the state of Illinois: Students at dozens of public high schools are not achieving grade-level proficiency in math, and their reading performance isn't much better.

One of the more damning findings of their report is the fact that not a single student is capable of doing math at grade level in 53 of the state's schools. Moreover, the figure for reading is 30 schools. Once again, they are not just performing below the average – not a single student can do these basic academics at their grade level.

list presented by Wirepoints of the schools that are failing so miserably shows that many are situated in the city of Chicago. Some of the schools have spending per student of upwards of $40,000. Some 23 schools, including 18 situated in Chicago, appear on both the reading and math lists.