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Masterplan Part 3 is Teslabot

•, by Brian Wang

However, the actual presentation was long and all of the key points were hidden under a lot of repeated information from other presentations. Tesla needed to come out with the five to 15 minute super-cuts that are being put out now by Youtubers. Also, Tesla needed to say more clearly with some timelines or new completed capabilties. We will have to wait for the execution and promised product reveals later in 2023.

Masterplan Part 3 is Teslabot making Teslabots, cars, trucks, batteries and megapacks.

Tesla's factory production process for cars is going to a modular process. This will allow for 44% higher operator (factory worker) density and 30% more efficiency. It also means it will be more dense for Tesla bot construction.

Bots making bots, trucks and megapacks in 10x factories. We are talking 100x. 1000x stock. Singularity as economy of the world explodes in wealth and productivity. 2030 or 2032 if things take longer. Tesla is not committing to date but the prize is clear and the pieces are coming together. When the pieces come together then Tesla rapidly heads to 4 million Semi trucks per year and 20 million Cybertruck. Four years after the bots factories spun up Tesla will have $5 trillion per year of revenue just from vehicles and energy with 80% margin. This means $4 trillion in net income before FSD. Tesla net income will be as much as Apple valuation. Robotruck, robotaxi software and other revenue will increase this number. Teslabot installing and building solar will be huge too. Masterplan 3 is Teslabot.

They had a very brief reveal of Teslabots making other Teslabots. In the four hour talk, they sprinkled in mentions of the bots working in the factory. Ultimately, there will be more one Teslabot per person. This would mean over 10 billion Teslabots.

Tesla is making over $8-9 billion per year in free cashflow in 2022 and $5 billion in 2021. Tesla has over $22 billon in cash. If free cashflow grew at 50% every year, then $12 billion in 2023, $18 billion in 2024, $27 billion in 2025 etc …

However, adding 1 million Teslabots in redesigned factories and processes in 2025, would enable a leap in productivity. There could be 5X to 10X the factories over 1-3 years.