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• by Jim Stone

East Palestine:

I told you so! This was something I nailed totally accurately from the beginning, when no one else was reporting it. If you want to read today's news, go back to what I posted weeks ago. It had to play out that way, it had to. And I am not going to repeat myself by saying what is happening now.

One thing I did not know weeks ago however, was that this attack was planned at least 8 months ago and it is easily proven. TimTruth found something absolutely damning - that 8 months ago a highly flammable railcar was parked on a side spur and left to sit exactly where the derailment happened and it went up in flames when the government intentionally lit the fires.

The derailment was not a crash and burn, it was a crash with one car leaking and no flames at all until our own government intentionally blew up ALL the railcars that had the toxic stuff, PLUS lit the railcar that had been parked there for 8 months and was not on any cargo manifest. What was in it, and why on earth did the government light that one on fire too? It was still sitting there fine, nothing hit it at all but it was close enough to the derailment to look like it was part of it.