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Watch: Samantha Power Lets Slip The US Is At War With Russia, But "Ukrainians Doing The Fightin

•, by Tyler Durden

Her words came during a CNN 'town hall' event, which also featured Biden national security adviser Jake Sullivan, marking the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion. She had specifically responded to a question from an audience member, who asked: "What vital interest does to the US have in Ukraine?" At one point in forming a response she actually gave what ranks among the most ridiculously simplistic clichés sometimes uttered by D.C. policymakers - that America stands up to "bullies"

"I think Americans understand bullies and the importance of standing up to bullies," she said. But here's where she said the quiet part out loud, letting it slip that in some sense the US sees Ukraine as a pawn in the greater geostrategic game of ultimately defeating Russia: She explained the need for a broad coalition of countries in order to show "This isn't just the United States and Russia, this in fact is Ukrainians on the front lines, Ukrainians doing the fighting..." The set of assumptions behind this statement by a top Biden admin official is very revealing, however casually she may have slipped it in. Watch the clip below: