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Because 'Good' Men Continue to Do Nothing

• By Rob Pue

Over the past year, we've seen our food processing plants destroyed.  There have been alleged outbreaks of avian flu, supposedly requiring the killing of tens of thousands of chickens and turkeys.  Massive amounts of farmland have been purchased by foreign investors.  And then last June — thousands of heads of cattle were found suddenly dead in Kansas overnight.  Authorities claimed it was due to an intense heat wave.

Things became even more strange in February.  The mainstream media devoted unprecedented amounts of airtime to speculation over UFOs and an alien invasion.  But this was just more fake news, designed to condition the masses into accepting the idea that an alien invasion was, perhaps, imminent.  This came after a UFO?was sighted over Montana — the same day an explosion was heard in the skies over Montana.  That explosion was reported by hundreds on social media, then debunked by the mainstream media, then never heard about again.

On February 4, the alleged Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina, after surveilling the entire United States.  On February 10, an unknown object was shot down over Dead Horse, Alaska; another shot down in the Yukon the next day and then another over Lake Huron the following day.