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Preserve Meat Without Refrigeration FOREVER with only 1 Ingredient! | Historical Salt Cured Meat

•, A Pinch of Patience

I love this ancient preservation technique to preserve meat forever with only ONE INGREDIENT and make it super delicious to boot! Curing your own meats is not only delicious and rewarding, but a great SHTF skill and just a super cool lost art. I hope this video helps you to confidently go forth and explore the world of home cured meats. 

Do note that our commercial processing practices leave most supermarket meat already in a very compromised state of bacterial contamination. For this reason I recommend using meat you have personally butchered or from a local farmer/homesteader you have talked to about their practices and feel comfortable with or go to a local butcher shop and talk to someone there about obtaining the freshest cuts of whatever you are looking for. This will make a huge difference in not only quality but the success of using these old-fashioned techniques!  

p.s. you can add any other seasonings you like too but salt is the important part! I really like black pepper and paprika. If you want to cut the salt a bit or are going for a more "breakfast" bacon, try using a mix of equal parts salt and brown sugar with black pepper on top, I don't think you'll be disappointed!