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Theory-Breaking Galaxies Bury the Big Bang Hypothesis

• arclein

Dr. Leja and colleagues, and many other cosmologists around the world were shocked because the properties of these remote galaxies are similar to the ones of the Milky Way and other big nearby galaxies. According to the Big Bang hypothesis, no such galaxies should exist at such an early epoch, only hundreds of millions of years after the supposed birth of the universe. Only extremely young tiny proto-galaxies should exist, according to that theory. But the new JWST images show "mature" galaxies, made of billions of stars similar to the one observed in our own galaxy, including lots of yellow and reddish stars which had been shining for billions of years. (See Figure 1 for how the images indicate how old the stellar populations of the galaxies are.) But Lerner and colleagues, basing their published predictions on the hypothesis of a non-expanding universe, with no Big Bang, were not surprised at all. In fact, in a paper published online in June, 2022 before the release of any of