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Best Toad for RV? RVers share what vehicles THEY tow

• by Mike Wendland

No, we are not talking about taking an amphibious creature RVing with us. In the RV world, the word toad is slang for a towed vehicle. It's a silly wordplay that brings a smile to RVers' faces, much like a stinky slinky and other RV terminology. A towed vehicle is also often called a "dinghy," like on a ship.

But I digress. This article is about the most popular toad vehicles that real RVers tow behind their rigs.

A member of our RV Lifestyle Facebook group recently asked the following:

"Alright, friends, what's your vote on the best toad for RVs? Do you love/hate yours?"

She received a lot of helpful answers, and there was quite a bit of overlap with the answers. So, we cover some basic RV toad information that's good to know, and then jump into the most popular options that our RV community and other RVers recommend.

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