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Surfaced photo of Mel Gibson and Kari Lake on Instagram labeled a win for Republicans,..

• by Diamond Jeune

The 67-year-old recently made headlines after a photo featuring him and Kari Lake resurfaced online. This pairing caused some form of controversy aside from Gibson's past because of Lake's values and history in politics. For context, Lake, who is a part of the Republican Party, was previously running for governor in Arizona, but ultimately lost the race to Democrat Katie Hobbs in November 2022. 

Immediately following the defeat, Lake would claim in a lawsuit filed a month later that her loss by 17,000 votes was due to individuals having issues with casting their ballots in various areas, according to NPR. In late December 2022, a judge rejected Lake's allegations, stating that charges of vote tampering were unsubstantiated by evidence. In recent news, many outlets reported that Lake could be a running mate choice for former U.S. President Donald Trump. 

As for Lake's photo with Gibson, the 53-year-old uploaded the images of the duo on her social media account on March 8, during an outing. Although the exact date of this event is unclear, Lake expressed in the caption how much she enjoys the actor's films.