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Mark Zuckerberg Decides to Face Elon Musk

•, by Luc Olinga

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are not friends. 

It is common knowledge that they have a frosty relationship. 

Musk has never been shy about calling Zuckerberg an emperor. He even went so far as to nickname him "Zuck the Fourteenth" in an apparent nod to the French king Louis the XIV, famous for his hubris and excess.

Since October 27 and Musk's $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, the two men are competing for advertiser dollars and the attention of consumers and especially influencers. 

Twitter is a competitor of Instagram and Facebook, which attract more advertisers than the microblogging website. But Musk has decided to find other sources of revenue for Twitter 2.0. 

Last November, he revamped Blue, the platform's subscription service, by incorporating the blue badge for verifying the identity of the account. The move allowed Musk to raise Blue's monthly price to $7.99 and $11 for iPhone owners.

A New Platform For Sharing Text Updates

Faced with the slowdown in advertising revenue, Zuckerberg recently copied this initiative by launching Meta Verified, a service which offers users the chance to have their Facebook and Instagram accounts verified, to ensure that an impostor or troll does not impersonate them.