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The Most Doomed Cities & Why Tech Progress Has Stalled | Peter Thiel | TECH | Rubin Report

• The Rubin Report -

Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report" talks to Peter Thiel about why he left Silicon Valley; which dying cities can potentially turn around their death spiral and which ones can't; how to know which shrinking cities to abandon; why COVID marks the true beginning of the 21st Century; why technological innovation and progress have stalled; how technological distractions and social media have prevented us from seeing the stagnation of progress that surrounds us; why he thinks the Elon Musk Twitter deal may be worse than Musk feared; why he thinks the agenda of the World Economic Forum is already past it's prime and on it's way out; why Democrats pretend to be against business when in reality they favor big businesses over small businesses; why small business regulation is so destructive; how government's botched handling of COVID made more people skeptical of science; how the scientific establishment chose dogma over the scientific method; and much more.