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SELCO: Survive Balkanization and Collapse with a Dual System

• by Selco

Again the word "Balkanization" becoming popular. Actually, it has been often referenced for several years, ever since people understood that events that happened in the Balkans might happen in their neighborhood too in some form.

Usually people think about that word in the terms mentioned above, fragmentation into smaller parts that are not necessarily friendly to each other.

And that fragmentation might come in many forms that I described and discuss in a lot of articles. Back then, mostly people did not believe in it.

Rarely is it being discussed from one other angle, which is also very important from a survival point of view, and that is something that we might call the duality of the system.

Duality of the system (in the Balkans)

Yes, we still have laws, systems, government, infrastructure, courts, and everything else that you have there in a democratic and functional country. But nothing works the way that should work, and it never did since the war ended, for 30 years almost.