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Silicon Valley Bank was a Big Green Government Ponzi Scheme

• by Jo Nova

Interest rate rises are supposed to squeeze out the dumbest investments, so it is fitting that one of the first casualties of this boom-bust cycle is a green banker, mostly doomed by loaning half their cash to the same bankrupt Big-Government that created the green improbable fantasy industries which SVB was largely serving.

SVB  was a "Green" Banker. We know this, not because newspapers are saying that now, but because of the emergency flares released on behalf of the victims. The New York Times tells us that the collapse of SVB is going to hit green tech hard because SVB clients included  1,550 companies dedicated to "fighting climate change".

If only SVB had served coal miners or gas frackers instead they might still be in business? The deposits they needed would have kept on coming as the profits flowed in.

David Gelles, New York Times, naturally, misses the whole point:

New York Times

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Threatens Climate Start-Ups

In reality, climate start-ups threaten the bank, and climate finish-ups threaten the country.

The bank had relationships with more than 1,500 companies working on technologies aimed at curbing global warming.