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'She has NO place as a Stanford dean': Students demand college fires woke inclusivity...


Stanford University students have called for a woke inclusivity dean to be fired for scolding a conservative judge at a recent law school event - after the college refused to get rid of her.

Students at the prestigious school wrote a scathing opinion piece in their newspaper, insisting Tirien Steinbach has no place as a Stanford dean - while urging the school to expel 'anti-speech zealots.'   

Steinbach, an associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion, held the 'COVID, Guns and Twitter' event at Stanford Law's Federalist Society last week, tabbing Trump-appointed Kyle Duncan as a speaker. 

The event soon descended into a smear campaign - with the DEI dean using the opportunity to engage in a six-minute scolding of the judicial officer, due to his unfavorable opinions on same sex marriage, and trans and reproductive rights.

Students have now rallied together, writing: 'If Stanford cares about free speech, it must fire any administrator who actively encourages these unruly actions against it.' 

The apology by law school dean Jenny Martinez stopped short of reprimanding Steinbach, despite video showing her participating the heckling as Duncan pleaded for an administrator to calm the crowd. 

Writing in The Stanford Review, several students penned 'Fire Tirien Steinbach' - and branded her as the most recent example of the advent of 'anti-speech zealots' shutting down discourse at various universities.

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