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Can Russia REALLY wipe out Britain with a '1,000ft-high tsunami'?


A towering 1,000ft radioactive tsunami crashes into British shores pulverising everything in sight and reducing entire cities to desolate wastelands. 

This is the chilling image conjured by Russia's ranting propagandists as they boast of the devastating power of Putin's most fearsome weapon - an underwater doomsday torpedo named Poseidon.

Since Putin invaded Ukraine, his propagandists have continued to threaten the UK with a nuclear holocaust - and the rhetoric has continued to escalate in recent months. Just yesterday, retired Russian general Yevgeny Buzhinsky urged Putin to launch Poseidon - still said to be in testing - that he said would destroy Britain.

And now, international military experts have warned that Putin's underwater torpedo could indeed destroy the UK's coastal cities, cause radioactive floods and kill millions of people in London.

While the experts deny Russia's claims that Poseidon would result in such monstrously high 1,000ft waves - around the height of the Eiffel Tower - or that it would destroy the entire country, they say that the effects of such a nuclear strike would still be 'devastating'.

If Russia launched the Poseidon from its 'doomsday' submarine and the torpedo exploded in the Thames estuary, for instance, a tidal wave would erupt from the water's surface and destroy London, the academics say.