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Credit ratings increasingly looking at cybersecurity

•,by David DiMolfetta

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Below: A pair of senators re-up civilian cyber workforce legislation, and the number of zero-day exploits in 2022 reportedly drops. First:

Credit ratings increasingly looking at cybersecurity

U.S. companies face a wide array of issues potentially impacting their ability to borrow money. In recent months, a banking crisis and high interest rates have stretched some companies thin, leading to layoffs and decreases in spending.

At the same time, credit rating agencies, which assess companies' ability to pay back borrowed money, are increasingly factoring in cybersecurity as part of their credit assessment criteria as they try to get a handle on the risks companies face. 

Companies are dedicating more resources to protecting their assets because the potential risk that cyberattacks have against their credit is "real and significant," said Scott Kessler, the global sector lead for technology, media and telecommunications at Third Bridge, an investment research firm. 

Despite an uncertain global economic backdrop, Kessler consistently sees companies devoting resources toward cybersecurity.